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8 nov 2017 Gemalto hard omhoog op hoog volume na koersdoelverhoging UBS of is het een shortsqueeze?9 Dec 2017 The price of a Bitcoin rose to over $10,000USD November 28th, soaring to a new ATH of $11,485.00 on GDAX. Crytocurrency traders with open Bitcoin short positions inevitably experienced losses during the rapid short squeeze only to see the price tumble back down and bounce off $9,000 support  bitcoin ghash io 7 Dec 2017 "If short interest continues to climb, we should see new borrow rates hit the 50% fee level quickly," S3 said. The cost to short the GBTC fund could rise higher than 50% and possibly near 100% by the time the first futures contract trades, S3 noted. Many analysts have asserted bitcoin is headed for a pullback  free bitcoin win payout Common Stock - Each GBTC share represents ownership of approximately 0.1 bitcoin Alternative Reporting. OTCQX U.S.. 1,665.0020.00 (1.19%) at 8:26:00 EST. Real-Time Best Bid & Ask. 1,661.31 / 1,662.88 (1 x 3). Short Sales. Date, Short Interest, % Change, Avg. Daily Share Volume, Days to Cover, Split, New Issue  facebook bitcoin group 7 Dec 2017 For the first time, the Bitcoin bulls will be face to face with the bears, who will have the tools to short sell the cryptocurrency. It is difficult to predict whether the short sellers will force price downwards leading to a long liquidation or the bulls will force a short squeeze from the bears. Considering the uncertainty 

11 Dec 2017 Although CME Group stock is overbought, per its elevated 14-day Relative Strength Index, there are signs of sideline cash to drive the shares even higher. While short interest represents less than 2% of the equity's float, it would take about a week to buy back the 4.8 million CME shares sold short -- plenty 7 Nov 2017Self-Named "Bitcoin Genius" James Altucher Defends His Business Strategy. 31d73c8a 85b5 bitcoin wallet download for mac Zcash vs litecoin bitcoin daily volume chart Bitcoin Price Bubble Could Last 100 Years, Says Yale Economist || Nobel Laureate Robert Shiller of Yale University doesn't know what to make of the top cryptocurrency. bitcoin money adder v5 0 full As both the CME and CBOE launch bitcoin futures this month, short sellers may look to this as a way to short the currency. Adam Mesh, CEO of Adam Mesh Trading Group, says this could either be the biggest short opportunity we've ever seen, or just the biggest short squeeze.

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Fortune's recent piece on betting against the Bitcoin 'megabubble' reflected poorly on Bitcoin markets and the mainstream press. Here's how to short Bitcoin users can currently borrow bitcoins at around 2% per annum; as of this writing, the site shows just under 1000 BTC in outstanding loans at an average interest rate Via stock price of bitcoin 2010 4 Dec 2017 - 2 min - Uploaded by Bloomberg TV Markets and FinanceDec.04 -- Bloomberg's Sonali Basak discusses betting on bitcoin futures. She speaks with 31 Oct 2017 Bitcoin prices hit a record $6350 on the news but I think that's the wrong reaction. The key detail is that the contract is cash settled. At no point does the seller of the futures contract need to deliver the Bitcoin. That removes the risk of a short squeeze on the necessity of delivering BTC in a limited market. how bitcoin mining hardware works Leah McGrath Goodman is an American author and freelance journalist who has worked in New York City and London. She has contributed to publications and agencies such as Fortune, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Condé Nast Portfolio, the Associated Press, Forbes and The Guardian. In 2010 McGrath 22 Jan 2018 7, CFTC data for leveraged funds - which consists largely of hedge funds and various money managers - showed a short of around $14mm, or around a quarter of the total open interest. "In other words", we summarized, "spec investors have used the futures contracts to establish Bitcoin shorts." Just a few 

The Bitcoin Strategic Trading Fund was formed with a short term prospective to capitalize on what the managers believe will likely be a significant increase in trading volume, volatility and Bitcoin price over the next 90-120 days. This will be based largely on greatly expanded exposure from Bitcoin derivatives being listed on 6 Aug 2017 The large number of shorts on Bitfinex also led many to believe that an epic short squeeze was coming, and many Bitcoin traders purchase coins in expectation of this. Suddenly, he “claimed” all of his own shorts, closing them using his own Bitcoin. The number of shorts dropped drastically without affecting  conclusion bitcoin 28 Nov 2017 A 20 percent rally in the shares, the biggest in more than four years, wiped out about 55 million pounds ($73 million) from the value of the funds' bearish bets, according to data compiled by Bloomberg and IHS Markit Ltd. Short interest was about 17 percent of shares outstanding as of Friday, the data show.Mining on xeon phi - VoteNet download bitcoin wallet for android 21 Mar 2017 Short squeeze stocks are tougher to find in a bull market, but these three stocks could squeeze shorts if broad markets continue to gain.18 May 2017 Snap stock is on the rise today — surprisingly — but at the time of this writing anyway, it's probably not enough to be a short squeeze yet.

28 Nov 2005 NEW YORK () Dare we say it but investors are starting to feel good about stocks again: The Dow is closing on 11000. The Nasdaq is at a four-and-half year high.A short squeeze is a trading term that happens when a stock is heavily shorted gets a positive catalyst that pushes shares up causing shorts to cover. facebook bitcoin group 29 Apr 2017 If you don't 'short' stocks very often, the concept of a 'short squeeze' and how this ETF will make money may be a little confusing. But I will start at the beginning and try to explain it all. First, when a stock is sold 'short' that means the investors believes the price of the stock will move lower, not higher.24 Feb 2017 On this page you can Silver Moves Up On Short Squeeze voucher in one minute and anonymously - Get 10% OFF For Reorder - Fast Exchange Bitcoin - Support 24h/24. can i buy a half bitcoin 11 Dec 2017 As Theresa May awaits ratification of her Brexit deal stage one, Lee Wild discusses the impact on sterling and a fresh catalyst for bitcoin.16 Oct 2017 Basically, these tweets were noting the high absolute level of Non-Commercial VIX futures short interest that appeared in the CFTC Commitment of Traders (COT) report from last week. The net position for Non-Commercial VIX futures traders was -174665, an all-time low. This figure has some VIX 

S3 Analytics: Buy Play-Doh not Mattel if you want a Short Squeeze. MORE. Nov 15, 2017. S3 Analytics: Toshiba Short Interest Nears $1 Billion on Rumored $5.3 Billion Share Offering. MORE .. S3 Research: GBTC Bitcoin ETF Trading at Premium Due to Limited Stock Borrow Availability. MORE 21 Jun 2016 But the cryptocurrency has started to experience a downward turn this week as on Tuesday, the price of a Bitcoin on BitX had fallen around 14%. “I think that short-term fluctuations in the Bitcoin price are short-term signals of a combination of market sentiment and a short squeeze and no indication of long  bitcoin source code download How to buy ripple - price of bitcoin in 2008Also the number one contract holder on OKCoin just got liquidated on a 10 million USD short position against Bitcoin, which was followed by the collapse in price. Moreover, the Bitcoin freefall was supported by a large number of sales in China. It dropped after a continuous rise in short squeeze transactions after the  bitcoin treasure hunt Hike wallet charges - Lindwall Law Group1 Dec 2013 I thought there was perhaps a little too much focus on speculation, mining and trading but perhaps that's just evidence of the maturity of the Bitcoin scene in There was a short squeeze: towards the end of the trading session, the other traders all knew he needed to buy back the coins he had sold short (to 

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6 Dec 2017 Investment Language 101 Series: TERM OF THE DAY: -- What is ' Short Squeeze ' | E.19 | Trading Candle Cheat Sheet Incl. Each Episode. . @barrydutton/breaking-today-we-saw-more-history-together-bitcoin-core-legacy-chain-etc-market-cap-crossed-the-usd200b-mark-for- 9 hours ago Every bounce was a short squeeze for the final knock down at the end of the day. I said early on in the MrTopStep forum that It was the volatility that was luring traders to bitcoin, but the recent lack of volatility has actually seen trading volume increase in the futures. We will continue to use the 12,100 area  how many bitcoins are currently in circulation 23 Jan 2018 Short-sighted futures traders are setting themselves up for a short-squeeze of epic measures right now! The bankers will flip directions soon and catch everyone jumping on the short-bitcoin bandwagon off-guard for huge losses. Stay calm, don't do anything, build a model portfolio of the top technologies 18 Nov 2017 With the example of bitcoin, if the price starts to rise sharply it would mean short positions are liquidated and forced to buy back. When this happens amongst enough short sellers, the price is pushed even higher (a short squeeze). The reason this could become interesting with bitcoin and cryptocurrency is  bitcoin wells fargo deposit Gdax short bitcoin8 Apr 2014 And just as short squeezes can be mitigated by allowing cash settlement, so can bank runs be mitigated by allowing banks to settle their obligations in forms other than currency. Clearinghouses and other Just bitcoin and a few orphaned currencies like the Iraqi Swiss Dinar. When we look around for 

Peer Potential Short Squeezes, Near Real Time Screener Short Percent to Float, 30.23%. Short Interest, 1.81 million. Float, 5.97 million. Short Ratio, 0.52. Market Cap, $47.12 million. Market Maker Activity, Daily Short Volume 01-25-2018, Robinhood adds zero-fee Bitcoin and Ether trading (SeekingAlpha). 01-24-201829 Jul 2017 Essentially, this is going to force everyone who is currently short to close their position, which obviously means they have to buy bitcoin. All of this demand will almost certainly cause the price to rise, no? In theory we should be seeing a pretty sizable short squeeze prior to the fork. Or am I missing something  bitcoin mining rechner deutsch Zero hedge claims that the hyper hypothecation scandal will trigger the mother of all short squeezes. -begin-interactive-brokers-first-claim-it- has-not-engaged-commingling-rehypothecation. In this environment, nothing would surprise me. The end result will be the same in any case.Short sellers are forced to get out of their positions quickly by buying the stock. Traders of spread bets or CFDs do not need to worry about covering their shorts, as you are trading a derivative contract, not the actual share. But a short squeeze results in companies like hedge funds forcefully buying stock just to close out short  bitcoin mobile wallet android 10 Ways to Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Debit Instantly - bitcoin Cmon #Bitcoin, give me me that Friday night #ShortSqueeze. 1:11 PM - 1 Sep 2017. 30 Retweets; 90 Likes; Nicolas Fong Spiral Staircase Aviraj Khare Jake Tital AlbrisNews James Krasnow Aleksandar Slovic aman sanduja Escapade[$20kBTC]. 21 replies 30 retweets 90 likes. Reply. 21. Retweet.

Holy crap, almost 24k BTC being shorted. That's going to be an epic short squeeze to the moon ! #bitcoin”If the past 7 years - in which retail has consistently trounced "smart money" returns are any indication, bitcoin is about to soar as yet another major short squeeze develops in the coming weeks and months. -01-07/bitcoin-futures-traders-are-quietly-building-short-  how much was one bitcoin worth in 2009 22 Jan 2018 Potential Buy Alert BTCUSD. BTCUSD – Bitcoin. BTCUSD had a strong washout of the support zone from the previous alert to clean out a lot of buyers and put them back on the sidelines. The number of 'short sellers' on the futures contract has increased so there is the potential for a short squeeze and rally 16 Dec 2017 In an interview with CNN, Belfort labelled Bitcoin a "huge, gigantic scam". “I think it's a huge danger right now that people are looking at this as the next great thing, it's a bubble for sure. “The next stage, you will see it really skyrocket, there will be a short squeeze, it will go even higher and then eventually it  bitcoin price over 10 years A short squeeze is a situation in which a heavily shorted stock or commodity moves sharply higher, forcing more short sellers to close out their short positions and adding to the upward pressure on the stock. It implies that short sellers are being squeezed out of their short positions, usually at a loss, and is generally triggered 12 Oct 2017 Specifically, we noted that if we saw a break of that level, we would almost certainly see a run towards 5100 and likely beyond based on fact that stop losses were being taken out (in a sort of short squeeze fashion) and that we would see some speculative volume flow towards bitcoin based on an increased 

26 Jun 2016 There is a significant amount of money from the global financial elite that is still sitting on the sidelines and now looking to get in, given the Brexit and other unfolding global politicol events and once it does there will be a short squeeze on traders currently shorting Bitcoin because the exchange volumes do January 17, 2018. 11:59 am ET. Bank of America Q4 non-interest income down 7% to $9.0 bln; FactSet consensus $10.1 bln January 10, 2018. 2:38 pm ET. Banks will take big short-term hits from tax changes, but reap long-term gains 10:40 pm ET. Merrill Lynch blocks clients from buying bitcoin, citing risk. MarketWatch  how to buy bitcoin in usd from india 19 Sep 2017 As a result, any such buyer will receive physical delivery of bitcoin only to the extent that the number of Exchange. Contracts purchased on such Trade Date is net positive (e.g., a buyer with an open short interest of 5 bitcoin who then purchases 10 Exchange Contracts would receive 5 bitcoin at settlement).Buy / Sell Volume vs BTCUSD price. 24h 7d 14d 30d 3m 6m 1y. all. Bitcoin: 1EU22zLeBedUyqwyTTRpULidMwA296NRpk || Ether: 0xa5fefb7c61ba9d8029ab02e0e3ebeb8f12b4368c. Disclaimer || Buy me a cup of coffee if you like my efforts || Feedback Here. bitcoin qr code generator php Forget about SegWit versus SegWit2X versus UASF. Right now you need to be prepared for the User Activated Hard Fork by Bitcoin Cash on August first. Yes, this will probably affect you even if you don't care about Bitcoin Cash. For the purpose of this article, we do not care what the reasons are for the fork or the politics 5 days ago Thursday Market Recap Asset Current Value Daily Change S&P 500 2843 0.11% DAX 13298 -0.85% WTI Crude Oil 65.12 -0.42% GOLD 1348.00 -0.61% Bitcoin 11,200 -2.05% EUR/USD 1.2390 -0.20% Forex markets remained in focus today throughout the session, as the Davos meeting continued to 

13 Apr 2016 If you want to find potential short-squeeze candidates, keep your eye on the short-interest levels of stocks that have been losing value. If the short-interest levels are high, watch for little turn arounds and signs of life. If the stock price begins to turn around, you may see a short squeeze in the making.25 Apr 2016 Then sell Exuberance (long wicks and engulfing candles). Don't exit too early. When price is consistently making higher highs and higher lows, that means the bears are trying, but failing, to bring price down. That also means they are stacking up their short positions. Great fuel for a short squeeze. bitcoin rotator bot What you guys think of $CHKTrump Tweets About Parsons Green Bombing - And Some Hackles Are Raised. Nouriel Roubini occupy wall street research in motion RIMM short squeeze stock market seems very likely that the hard fork is going to cause a Bitcoin short squeeze over the weekend, driving the price very high as people withdraw  last bitcoin halving Explained - | The Indian Express10 Nov 2017 Retailer reports Q3 revenue $2.81B, consensus $2.74B J.C. Penney (JCP) reported its first increase in same-store sales in more than a year and losses were not as bad as expected, sending shares higher. The company had a loss of $128 million for the third quarter, or 41 cents per share. Losses, adjusted 

6 Dec 2017 With the price of Bitcoin rising to ever new record highs and flirting with $13000, one FX and cryptocurrency trader believes that while the digital currency's “In fact they may spark a significant repricing as they will make it significantly easier for bears to go short,” Wilson at ETX Capital in London posited.Bitcoin Futures May Be the Next Big Short. admin December 14, 2017 Crypto Currency Dec.04 — Bloomberg's Sonali Basak discusses making a bet on bitcoin futures. She speaks with Bloomberg's Vonnie . get people to short it – create a short squeeze, immediately sell and fuck over buyers. Reply. William Schurlte. bitcoinity data 15 Oct 2016 BTC should test that upper trend line in the coming days which will act as some resistance. We should see a major short squeeze If BTC is able to break above the rising wedge. A short squeeze is when short sellers rush to exit their positions by buying at market price sparking a sharp increase in price.The stock market is a two-way street, and stocks are just as likely to fall as rise. Find out what some investors do to take advantage of this, and what risks might be involved, including the dreaded short squeeze. Sean Williams. (TMFUltraLong). Jun 19, 2015 at 5:08PM. Images Source: Flickr user Traditionally  bitcoin hack forums 14 Dec 2017 “The next stage what you'll see is (Bitcoin) will really skyrocket, then there'll be a short squeeze and it will go even higher and eventually it'll all come caving in,” he said. “It's almost a guarantee.” Belfort, who pleaded guilty to stockmarket manipulation in 1999 and served 22 months in prison, said people 28 Nov 2017 Learn How To Make Money Everyday at. Visit – Trade like a Genius with the most reliable Stock Market Trading Signal on the web! Sign Up Today. Disclaimer. The information received by subscribers is for their personal use. Investing involves a 

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10 Jan 2018 Our point is that interest rates most often provide the better signal of the dollar-yen's underlying movement than market positioning. The US 10-year premium is near 2.50%, the most since last March. The increased US rate premium coupled with the short squeeze in the yen, coupled with Japan's growing 13 Dec 2017 How many animal puns can you take? Bears are allowed to short, but only if they're whales, as Interactive Brokers changes course ahead of CME's big Monday. bitcoin paper money 4 Aug 2017 It is entirely possible that a $3,000 Bitcoin may be much closer than two weeks away. And, in the next two months, the cryptocurrency's price can potentially touch $3,300 as many traders took the bait and are now in the trap of becoming caught in a short squeeze which may cause a parabolic rise.1 Aug 2017 Well there's a scenario where you lose money: if the price of BTC goes up, your short position would be liquidated. Then you'd be long bitcoin, unhedged. If the price fell directly after that, before you were able to sell, you'd lose out. There's also a chance of something called a “short squeeze”. A short  create a bitcoin wallet offline Spike in Interest8 Dec 2017 There's no clear consensus on how the futures will be used. Jim Cramer, the CNBC host, said that the price of the crypto-asset would get “annihilated” once traders could use futures to bet against it. But bitcoin's investors aren't backing down — and are even preemptively planning to launch a short squeeze 

How will they ruin Bitcoin - Guayllabamba11 Dec 2017 Bitcoin Services Inc. BTSC Stock Message Board: This is a short squeeze.. @ BTSC. bitcoin pharmacy reddit 29 Mar 2017 It's easy to love the premise of the just-launched Active Alts Contrarian ETF (SQZZ). We first started writing about it 2014, for Pete's sake: an ETF that deliberately invests in individual stocks that are so out of favor, they've been shorted to the point where the mythical short squeeze might occur. The idea is  market with supply Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. They now are all gone, free money Are You Ready for the Bitcoin Short Squeeze? If your exchange does not support $BCC, A flood of incoming Bitcoin will be sold for altcoins and fiat on the Home sales slump in GTA as overheated spring market the housing market. how to get bitcoin gold from ledger Two weeks ago, when bitcoin was trading in the $15000 range, we published what in retrospect was a warning to bitcoin investors, highlighting that traders5 Dec 2017 Crash or squeeze? Whether long or short, however, the addition of Bitcoin futures into the marketplace will have a profound effect in bringing mainstream money into the picture. No matter what happens with the price, the general Bitcoin ecosystem should stabilize substantially. However, should a large 

4 Aug 2017 Someone with $20 Million to $60 million on Bitfinex likely has something no other trader has. A phone number for Bitfinex. On top of that, as a result of these false signals. It caused other traders to expect a 'big short squeeze' or perhaps some traders 'expecting a big dump', to possibly take positions based Oxygen is a decentralized peer-to-peer crypto assets marketplace based on an Ethereum smart contract. ethereum bitcoin difference BTC is now 100% a ponzi scheme - Cristal – Day Spa14 Nov 2017 That means the leveraged used by shorts will increase further putting their positions at risk of liquidation during a short squeeze. If I were a profit maximising miner here is what I would do: Buy Bitcoin Spot; Buy XBTZ17 futures at a large discount. Shortly before the hard fork deadline, stop signalling for NYA. buy bitcoin with bitpay 10 Mar 2017 In addition, the average daily trading volume of Dash is now similar to that of Ethereum, the second-most-popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin: $25 mln vs. $29 mln respectively. However, if in reality the price instead increases, it may result in a situation known as 'short squeeze.' When a shorting trader 4 Feb 2014 WPCS has been struggling until it made its move into the Bitcoin universe. Here are some major concerns and reasons to buy the stock.

8 Sep 2017 Buffett said back in 2014 that bitcoin was a mirage and didn't offer anything intrinsically valuable that say a simple “check” could offer, as far as payments Bitcoin has been going crazy since then, up 7 times what it was then. So while Buffett might be wrong in the short term, long term he could be right.23 Sep 2017 Key events may create 'short squeeze' in GoPro stock, Barron's says GPRO. 03/08/13: Wedge Partners. 03/08/13: Credit Suisse. 03/06/13: Citigroup. 03/06/13: Barclays. See Street Research during your Free Trial. 13. Dec. BTC. Bitcoin. , BITCOIN. Bitcoin. 19:01. 12/12/17. 12/12. 19:01. 12/12/17. 19:01. bitcoins rate in india 13 Dec 2017 Someone asked me Do you know why the XBT futures price is always 1xxx higher than the spot XBT? Does it mean we can simply take arbitrage if we long spot and short the futures at CBOE? The reason bitcoin futures are higher on CBOE than spot is that there are large numbers of people…13 Dec 2017 There will never be a short squeeze. There will never be failures to deliver on short sales. This is not even a real futures market as we know it, because no contract will ever be fulfilled or settled in the actual currency/commodity that is subject to the contract. So, the danger isn't bitcoin itself or any of the  bitcoin wallet windows 10 18 May 2016 Is the 'mother of all short squeezes' on the cards for bitcoin? This blog doesn't usually go in for price speculation, beyond an overview in our regular market round-up, but occasionally people say things that are worth paying attention to. ZeroHedge typically has some unconventional but often interesting and 6 Dec 2017 When the only way to short is to sell your Bitcoin and effectively exit the market, there is a clear bullish bias as owners (enthusiasts and speculators For now Bitcoin remains in a bubble and there could be a further squeeze higher as we approach the launch of the futures contracts by CBOE and CME.

22 May 2017 Today James Turk told King World News that the gold and silver markets may be set for the mother of all short squeezes that will send prices skyrocketing. “This Kind Of Trading Action Is Rare” Eric King: “James, you've been discussing the possibility of a short squeeze in gold as we approach the end of 22 jan 2018 Källa: As The Bitcoin Short Quietly Grows, Is A Short Squeeze Imminent? | Zero Hedge. cuantos satoshis tiene un bitcoin 19 Oct 2017 Bitcoin has hit all-time-highs. It will be pulling back from those highs. Before that happens, we may get a short squeeze and an extension to the recent push forward. This is how a NORMAL market trades. This lack of blatant manipulation and intervention is why banks and governments fear such markets.6 Apr 2016 Bitcoin (BTCUSD). Trade. DE30. 45.51%. 54.49%. Trade. Dash (DSHUSD). Trade. Ethereum (ETHUSD). Trade. EUR/USD. 76.58%. 23.42%. Trade. GBP/USD. 54.22%. 45.78%. Trade. Gold. 47.72%. 52.28%. Trade. Litecoin (LTCUSD). Trade. OIL. 79.38%. 20.62%. Trade. SPA35. 21.55%. 78.45%. Trade. bitcoin portland Think of it this way, to short a stock, the speculator must borrow shares from his/her broker and sell those shares. Once their target price has hit, they would buy shares from the open market to pay back the broker. Now assume you shorted a bad14 Dec 2017 “The next stage what you'll see is (bitcoin) will really skyrocket, then there'll be a short squeeze and it will go even higher and eventually it'll all come caving in,” he said. “It's almost a guarantee.” Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort in the 2007 film The Wolf of Wall e: AP, Paramount Pictures.

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18 Sep 2017 Bitcoin price Forecast: will go up to $4200 and dip to $2200, then - to the moon Fear began with China ICO ban, then China announced about closing all exchanges, then JP Morgan's CEO Jamie Dimon spoke on TV: "bitcoin is a fraud" and we saw That's going to be an epic short squeeze to the moon !The Opening Bell: Where currencies start on - bitcoin wallet windows 7 8 Apr 2016 An authentic short squeeze. That's what this week's major JPY move reflects. After years of riding along with the Bank of Japan, things completely reversed. The USDJPY exchanged rate crossed 110, 109 and 108 all within a matter of days. That was both pretty painful and awesome. The USD is down 13% 19 Jan 2016 Defensive buying has launched gold prices and exchange-traded funds to a strong starts in 2016. Have the fund sellers finally had enough? Gold futures and the SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) are both up by about 2.5% so far this year (though both are slightly lower in Monday trading). Money is starting to flow  can i transfer bitcoins to paypal 21 Jan 2018 As The Bitcoin Short Quietly Grows, Is A Short Squeeze Imminent? Two weeks ago, when bitcoin was trading in the $15,000 range, we published what in retrospect was a warning to bitcoin investors, highlighting that . Published by. in 2 hours 4 Jun 2016 I highlighted this shift in the piece, Vinny Lingham on the Bitcoin Price – Prepare for the “Mother of All Short Squeezes”. One month later, the price is +25%. Seemingly inspired by the recent action, Vinny has been writing more frequently as of late and he just published another piece titled, Deconstructing 

8 Jan 2018 And while bitcoin futures markets volumes have been lower than most had expected, the past 4 weeks have provided enough data to observe how volumes and open interest have evolved. We discussed previously that Bitcoin futures were off to a slow start in the first week of trading, with volumes of CBOE 7 Dec 2015 Peter Lynch, 25 Years Later: It's Not Just 'Invest in What You Know'. By Chana R. Schoenberger. December 7, 2015 4:01 am ET. Wealth Management. Neil Hennessy Says Investors Will Pour In. By Chuck Jaffe. December 7, 2015 3:53 am ET. Wealth Management. Bitcoin Fund Linked to Currency's Rally. bitcoin for beginners part 1 11 Oct 2017 Examples of possible and former short squeezes include: BioTime (ticker: BTX), Riot Blockchain (ticker: BIOP, soon to be ticker: RIOT), Inpixon (ticker: INPX), Axon Enterprise (ticker: AAXN, formerly Taser). Disclaimers & Disclosures: For a full list of disclaimers and disclosures, please visit: 12 Dec 2017 Most of the non-believers in Bitcoin will simply refrain from touching the futures, for one simple reason. Mass short-positions in such a risky asset, which has proven many times it can grow by unprecedented amounts very quickly, would eventually result in a so-called short-squeeze, and drive all of the  bitcoin text symbol 10 Jan 2018 Head of Global Investment Research at Alhambra Partners, the Euro-dollar market – a short-term money market facilitating banks' borrowing and lending of U.S. dollars outside the US – does not function properly since 2007 and it has essentially morphed into a US dollar “short squeeze” generated by a 21 Jan 2018 With shorters of bitcoin futures becoming clearly more aggressive by the week, one wonders how long before a short squeeze is unleashed in the futures market

WSJ Short Video "What is Bitcoin?" - The Wall Street Journal. Bill Haslam says Tennessee has set a new high mark for its high school graduation rate. UK Consumers Faces Tightest Squeeze in 3. stated that he may put his weight behind a rate hike in the short. Promotion of client software which attempts to alter the Bitcoin 17 Aug 2017 Bitcoin Price Analysis: Long and Short Squeezes Shape a Weakening All-Time High. This morning, BTC-USD pushed a new all-time high on several exchanges. However, this time, the momentum to continue higher seems to be waning. Shortly after establishing the new all-time high, there was a $150  circle bitcoin credit card 20 May 2017 However, S3's Ihor Dusaniwsky added that when Snap stock tested the $18 support level, short-sellers boosted their positions as it rallied near $21. As of this writing, Snap stock is closing in on $21 again. Short interest in the name reached $1 billion on Tuesday after nearly $200 million of new short activity 27 Dec 2012 A New York State appeals court dismissed a lawsuit brought by hedge funds against Porsche on Thursday, handing the German automaker a big victory in the long-running legal battle over its attempted takeover of Volkswagen in 2008. bitcoin in euro rechner 14 Dec 2017 “The Short Squeeze”. Belfort somewhat agrees that cryptocurrencies will become part of the financial landscape in the future. However, right now the situation is dangerous for the common investor. Read also → Why we should be excited about Schnorr signatures. The Wolf of Wall Street cited limited 20 May 2016 When Mt. Gox, the Japan-based bitcoin exchange run by Mark Karpeles, stopped honouring redemptions on February 7, 2014, the company initially blamed the affair on an obscure tech fail known as a malleability issue. Many, however, were unconvinced by the explanation, suspecting foul play, a hack or 

8 Dec 2017 Dusaniwsky expects short interest and borrowing costs in GBTC to rise to as high as 50% on an annual basis, once new bitcoin futures and ETFs enter the market, expanding available options for investors to have exposure in the digital currency and suppress the existing premium for the GBTC.6 Dec 2017 The only thing that I'm scared about is that banksters are poring in a lot of money inside in order to do the big short once futures will be in place but on the other hand if they place a big short order and the price will go up we will in the biggest short squeeze in human history and those MF will get f**k big time  bitcoin transaction reversal 18 Sep 2017 As Bitcoin Price Passes $7,500, Investors Wait on Bitcoin ETFs · This ETF Issuer is Launching a Slew of Cryptocurrency Indexes · Bitcoin Futures Could Damp Volatility. A short squeeze occurs when investors with large short positions are forced to cover, or buy back, their shorts in the event of a sudden For a little bit of hope, the timing of these two articles is interesting: On Jan 8, details of increasing shorts (and we know how the market has gone hack a bitcoin wallet Bitmex shortThe Stage Is Set For A MASSIVE PRICE SMASH Or An EPIC SHORT SQUEEZE In Gold & Silver. Trading markets for BTG are available for Bitcoin Ethereum and USDT though the BTC market is the largest one with almost 2000 coins volume in no time. The current exchange rate of BTG is about 0.025 BTC per coin or 

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27 Feb 2013 By Mike KentzFeb 27 (IFR) - Hedge funds have levered up their short playson VIX futures to such extreme levels that the market is poisedfor a signi.Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTCPK:GBTC) Short Percentage of Float. =GURUF("OTCPK:GBTC","Short Percentage of Float"). Short Percentage of Float is the percentage of shares shorted compared to the float. Due to the license agreement change with our data vendor, Short Interest related data is no longer available on 
5 days ago Asset, Current Value, Daily Change. S&P 500, 2843, 0.11%. DAX, 13298, -0.85%. WTI Crude Oil, 65.12, -0.42%. GOLD, 1348.00, -0.61%. Bitcoin, 11,200, -2.05%. EUR/USD, 1.2390, -0.20%