GPU, VRAM, H/s, TDP, APP, OS, DATE. (9) XFX RADEON RX 550, 4 GB DDR5, 2995, 80 W, XMR-STACK-WIN64 (@ 2 THREADS PER GPU), WINDOWS 10 x64, Jan, 2018. 1 XFX 7970 + 1 ASUS 7970 DIRECT CU, 3 GB DDR5, 900, 460 W, MINERGATE 7.2 INTENSITY 4, WINDOWS 10 x64, Jan, 2018. 1050 OC 2GB, 2 GB 

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21 Jul 2017 At current ether prices, those multi-GPU mining rigs just won't pay themselves off as quickly. And so, as they have done in the past when mining with certain GPUs became far less profitable, the miners have started to sell off their equipment. Ebay listings for "ethereum mining rig" number 288 at the time of 

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Hi all, Looking for any info in regards to mining hardware recommendations for GPU's. Maybe a semi up to date list of hash rates being